Contracting HIV either via sexual intercourse with an infected person, sharing needles/syringes with an infected person, or contracting the virus from birth seems like a death sentence for most.

It can however be seen as an opportunity to make things right, to claim your life back. According to WebMD Medical Reference from Healthwise which was Last Updated: February 28, 2011, 33 Million People live with HIV/AIDS. If you are one of those people you should not lose hope. You can always change your life around and live the life you’ve always wanted. Doing research on HIV/AIDS and educating yourself is your best way forward. As you obtain more information you are able to see things differently: there is a light at the end of a tunnel. Millions are living with HIV/AIDS and due to treatment, exercise, healthy eating habits, and support groups there is no reason for you not to enjoy life.

Sometimes the thought of death is daunting and scares most people. So just think for a second, if you will, that people out there without HIV/AIDS have the same fear. So how different are you? Maybe you have been reckless in the past and you were not educated or responsible with your health; now you are seeing how important your health is, that sounds like a gateway to another dimension. It looks like a second chance to be responsible, wise and grateful for what you have. In that lies the magic and the miracle of healing, your choice is what will change your life around and live a fulfilling and happy life.

Living with HIV/AIDS does not mean that you cannot have sex again; it means that you have to think about being careful, to respect your partner so that he/she does not get infected. To teach and educate people who are not HIV positive about their bodies and how grateful they should be for having a healthy Immune System. By contributing and sharing your life experience with other people will help you come to terms with your life circumstances. Supportive family and friends will see you for who you are and not be afraid of what you have.

The key lies in educating people about HIV/AIDS. Promiscuity, drugs, rape victims and babies born with HIV/AIDS how can it be limited. How can it stop? It starts with you. By educating other people and being a victor of your own demise will pave the way for others; they will learn from your mistake. You will be surprised at the profound impact you will have on others. By Adriana Levi.