For more than 20 years HIV life Insurance has been denied to HIV positive people or has been provided at dramatically inflated premiums. But in recent years, although people that are HIV positive get premiums quoted that are higher than a person not infected with the HIV virus, premiums have become a lot more affordable and hence the value of cover available is becoming higher and higher. You are of course not alone, those suffering from Diabetes were also offered life Insurance at inflated premiums or denied access to Life products all together and these premiums are also becoming a lot more affordable.

HIV Life Insurance is a policy that has been designed specifically to cater for the needs of the individual applicants and is not discriminatory in any way whatsoever. HIV infections in South Africa, while climbing, are being very effectively managed and treated and with the extent of the provenance and available research, has resulted in the traditionally very conservative Insurance Industry making Excellent Life Insurance Products available to HIV positive individuals.

Constitutionally speaking, Life cover should not be refused to anyone, whether they are HIV positive or not. Not all South African Life Insurance Companies have embraced the large population of HIV positive people living in South Africa by providing a cost effective HIV Life Insurance product allowing them to cater for their families needs in the event of death or disability.

Now that HIV is understood as a condition that does not necessarily mean a person will die  sooner than any other, the Life Insurance Industry has opened up and offers very attractive HIV Life insurance cover to HIV positive people. There are some life insurance companies that specialise in offering life cover to HIV positive people like All Life and these premiums can be negotiated according to your CD4 count and history of taking anti retrovirals. Staying on your program is essential to maintaing good health and ensuring that your cover is not compromised.

Continued use of ARV’s or similar prescribed medication for your condition will form an essential part of your cover terms and cpnditions so it is absolutely imperative that you maintain your schedule. If you are prescribed a different drug or are taking anything else in conjunction with your ARV’s it is always a very good idea to inform your HIV life insurance company of the changes.

The HIV positive market is a very large market for Life Insurance companies and as more and more Insurers embrace the market, so the premiums will become more and more competitive, so even if you have life cover, are HIV positive and may be finding the premiums a little difficult to maintain, it is prudent to get additional HIV Life cover quotes to compare against what you are currently paying. Getting Life insurance quotes costs nothing and could be saving you a lot of money, so complete the request and receive no obligation HIV Insurance cover in an instant.

If you are HIV positive and have had some counselling on living with HIV and have come to accept and understand that you are not necessarily going to live a shorter or less important life, you must prepare for all of life’s eventualities. These include a retirement savings plan, funeral pland and specifically HIV positive life insurance Once you have started living a life preparing for a long and fruitful life, your positivity for the future will not only put your family at ease, but will give them the knowledge and confidence to be the important part of your life that you need.