Many HIV positive people are under the impression that getting life insurance when HIV positive is impossible. This is a myth and the fact is that the prevalence of HIV has led the insurance companies to design products that are specifically designed for HIV positive people.

This comes as a huge relief for families where the breadwinner is HIV positive and now offers them peace of mind that in the event of their death the family will not be left destitute. As an HIV positive person seeking to provide a secure future for your family, getting a life insurance quote is as easy as completing the form below and having a chat to the consultant who will be able to offer you advice and run through the life or HIV health insurance products available to you.

In order to get life insurance when HIV positive you will need to run through a series of questions with the consultant who will then be able to produce a quote for you. You will need to have your ID number and the approximate date that you were first diagnosed with HIV, whether you are suffering from any of the common illnesses associated with Aids and how many dependents you have. This will enable the consultant to advise you of all of the HIV Life insurance options, hospitalization plan options and help you determine the amount of the Life Insurance you should be applying for.

There are now 30 years of HIV research since the first documented case of HIV and the Insurance companies are able to make accurate determinations on the risk of death or disability of an HIV positive person. Get an HIV Life insurance quote and you will be surprised at the weight that lifts from your shoulders. HIV positive people sometimes suffer from extreme anxiety when the future of their families is concerned and now that you can get life insurance as an HIV positive person, you are able to take care of your family after you have gone and sleep well in the knowledge that they will not be left with any money when you are gone.

Take the first step to lowering your stress levels and reducing your anxiety where your families future is concerned.