Life Insurance for people living with HIV has traditionally been loaded to the extent that it is not affordable and the families and friends of those living with HIV have been left without any financial security in the event of death due to an illness or complication associated with HIV.

The incidence of HIV related deaths have decreased in recent years as the medical fraternity comes to grips with HIV and the effectiveness of Antiretroviral treatments (ARV’s) has been reduced dramatically, in fact a 20% decline in HIV related deaths has been recorded. These statistics, combined with a better understanding of the illnesses associated with HIV, the treatments of these illnesses and the provision of Hospital plans for HIV positive people are a very encouraging sign for the future of the Insurance industry in South Africa.

The fact of the matter is that the Insurance Industry was compelled to come up with an affordable Life Insurance and Medical plan to cater for the over 20 million people in South Africa that are living with the HIV virus. The implications of increased numbers of children and adults that depend on the state for financial assistance, retirement needs or educational needs is devastating for the countries finances. The access to affordable Life and Medical Insurance for people living with HIV allows you and your family to be independent of the State. This is a very important factor when we consider the backlog of Governments basic service provision schedule let alone the ability to provide for thiose who are in financial dire straits.

Clientele Life offers an extremely good Life Insurance offering for those living with HIV that is specifically designed to cover you in the event of death from both HIV related illnesses or any other illness, accident or chance encounter that causes your death. By completing the form below you will be contacted immediately to discuss the various options available to you.

Don’t leave your family or friends with a financial burden, be it to look after your children, your spouse or your parents should you die from an HIV related illness or otherwise, get affordable HIV Insurance and leave a lasting legacy.