An innovative and very forward thinking Israeli company, Zion Medical has approached the destruction of the HIV virus in a totally different way and has seen extraordinary results in the first set of human trials.

Within the first four weeks of treatment with this groundbreaking method of infitrating the affected cells, 99% of the virus had been eliminated.

Watch the video to see the process which basically causes the infected HIV cells to self destruct. This is ground breaking research which has the potential to cure HIV infected patients, by destroying all cells carrying the HIV virus-genome.

In July and August of this year, 2018, the human trials were conducted in 2 parts. The region was Angola and the first batch of patients were given varying doses of Gammora for 4-5 weeks and saw destruction of 90% of the infected cells in most patients.

In part 2 of the trials the patients received a combination of lopinavir 800 mg and ritonavir 200 mg and Gamorra and showed up to 99% reduction in viral load from baseline within four weeks.

After 10 weeks Gamorra was shown to be safe and effective for all patients.