HIV Positive Life Insurance

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HIV Life Insurance: We cater for the specific needs of HIV positive people in South Africa. People living with HIV are like any other member of society, needing the stability and re assurance that both they and their families will be taken care of in the event of their death or illness.

These HIV positive Life insurance policies do not require extensive medical assessments or tests, the fact is that people living with HIV live just as long as any other member of society.

Life Insurance Companies are now offering very affordable Life Insurance to HIV positive people and have designed products that offer both HIV Life Insurance and special disability cover for people Living with HIV.

It has taken decades for the stigma surrounding HIV and Aids to dissipate and as business begins to understand that HIV positive people do not endanger co-workers and are like any other employee with a chronic condition, the financial services industry has begun to develop products for chronic illnesses. These products would include Life, disability and medical insurance products for HIV positive people, people with diabetes, hepatitis and a host of other manageable chronic conditions.

All of these financial products require you or your loved one to continue with medication as prescribed and to generally not put yourself at great risk. Just like any other person, if you are going to go sky diving, call your broker and advise them.

Life insurance products for HIV positive people now offer a far better selection of cover at better prices than we have ever seen.

Complete the form on the right and one of the consultants will talk you through the quote process, taking down any information they need in order to prepare a quote for you. These consultants are all very well trained and any information you need will be readily available.

We really do look forward to being a positive part of your life.

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