HIV Positive Life Insurance/Disability Cover Quotes

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We provide a service that ensures that your Life insurance Premiums are not loaded unnecessarily by getting competitive quotes from HIV Life Insurance companies in South Africa that have designed products that are suited to a person living with HIV or Aids. As a person living with HIV there are certain conditions which apply to you and allow you to claim for disability. These conditions and adherence’s are more fully explained in the information relating to HIV Disability cover.

The Insurance Industry by it’s very nature is conservative and for the past 20 years have not provided Life Insurance products to HIV positive individuals that are in line with risk attached to disability and death of HIV infected people. With the hard work and constant negotiation of various organisations in South Africa, the Insurance Companies have had enough research to determine the loading and risk associated with a group of people that make up more than 30% of the South African population.

The real success in all the hard work negotiating with the Life Insurance Companies is a benefit for both the Life Companies and the people of South Africa who are living with HIV and Aids. The Insurance Companies now have sufficient  information to allow them to design and offer reasonable priced Life Insurance to all South African’s irrespective of their HIV status and the HIV positive people now have a Life product that is affordable and will allow them to take care of their families in the event of their death or disability.

We have all seen the countless children living alone and supporting each other due to the scourge of HIV and by getting a life Insurance policy, you as an HIV sufferer are ensuring that your family is not left to their own devices. Get an HIV life insurance quote, stop worrying about the future of your family and start living the full life you were intended to live.