About HIV Cover

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HIV cover is commited to providing information and services to the HIV positive community across South Africa. We are determined to change perceptions of HIV positive people by showcasing how living a life with HIV is no different to living a life with any chronic illness.

At HIV cover we offer information and services to HIV positive people and their families so that all concerned can better understand each other and the associated emotions with the initial diagnosis and then planning a future as a productive and happy person living with HIV.

Fact: HIV positive people live long and productive Lives

Fact: HIV positive people make meaningful contributions to our Country and Society in General

Fact: HIV positive people enjoy loving relationships with friends and family

Fact: HIV positive people need to plan for the future like everybody else

HIVcover.co.za is committed to providing cost effective and inexpensive Life Insurance to people living with HIV and Aids to enable them to provide for their families like any other South African citizen in the event of disability or death.

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