Life Insurance and Disability Cover for HIV positive people

Affordable HIV Life Insurance and Hospital plans

HIV Positive Hospital Plan

A comprehensive Hospital plan is available to HIV positive people which pays out up to R3000/day you are in hospital. This is a very important policy to consider as an HIV positive person.

Hospital plans are an essential part of your financial planning that will ensure that you and your family have options should you or any other member of your family require hospitalization for any reason whatsoever. Hospital plans allow you to choose the hospital or facility you wish to be treated in paying out a fixed daily amount for every day spent in hospital.

There is no substitute for quality healthcare!

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HIV Life Insurance

We cater for the specific needs of HIV positive people in South Africa. People living with HIV are like any other member of society, needing the stability and re assurance that both they and their families will be taken care of in the event of their death or illness.

These HIV positive Life insurance policies do not require extensive medical assessments or tests, the fact is that people living with HIV live just as long as any other member of society.

Life Insurance Companies are now offering very affordable Life Insurance to HIV positive people and have designed products that offer both HIV Life Insurance and special disability cover for people Living with HIV.

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