Living a healthy life HIV positive

We are all at fault for not supporting our bodies with the correct nutrients and minerals the body requires to stay healthy.  But if you are living with HIV then it is imperative to offer your body the correct and nutritious food to stay healthy and will benefit you not only with a longer life but with a better rate with your HIV positive Insurance.

Human Immunodeficiency Virus referred to as HIV is a disease that destroys the good white cells that protect and keep the body healthy.  If you are infected with HIV that you have contracted sexually from an HIV positive person or if you have taken drugs using an infected needle from an HIV positive person; you need to take the best advice when it comes to looking after your health to prolong your life.

As the virus can take over 10 years to be discovered it is important to check yourself regularly for other infections that could have formed due to a lowered Immune System, repeated lung infections or chest problems can be a sign that the Immune System is compromised.

Many people living with HIV and AIDS have a suppressed appetite and they tend to lose weight.  This means that their body is not receiving the vitamins and nutrients required to stay healthy.  People that are HIV positive need to bear in mind that their body requires more nutritious food as the body is compromised by the deadly virus.

Using Antiretroviral treatment and starting a Medical Aid policy or Life Cover can assist HIV positive people; a combination of the right treatment and correct eating plan can sustain energy and prolong the life of people living with HIV.  As many individuals who have been diagnosed with HIV can become depressed and suicidal their eating habits and appetite are repressed.  Therefore using a Medical Aid or Life Cover policy will help HIV positive people with hospital treatment. Counselling and therapy are also included in certain health packages for people living with HIV to cope better with their illness. Once they regain their strength and their appetite then they can follow a healthy and consistent eating plan in combination with Antiretroviral treatment to assist their body in fighting the deadly disease.

It is important to consider the eating habits and nutrition of HIV positive people.  Replenishing lost minerals and vitamins with healthy food will help people living with HIV regain their strength and therefore their will to live a healthy and fulfilling life.

In simple terms, eat well, exercise and keep your body well hydrated. Lots of leafy greens and vegetables, eat a variety of protein (fish, chicken, meat, nuts etc) and refrain from drugs and alcohol.