Clientele Life’s hospital plans are available to HIV positive people, people who have diabetes and anyone who wishes to take advantage of a hospital to ensure that, if for any reason you end up in hospital, you are covered by a cash amount payable per day for every day that you spend in hospital.

A Hospital plan from Clientele life is designed to pay out an amount between R1000/day and R5000/day depending on what you choose. The money is paid out in cash and not to the hospitals and is designed to provide for your family while you are incapacitated and unable to work. The Clientele Life hospital plan is a cash back plan and not Health Insurance, providing cash while you are in hospital to those that mean the most to you.

A hospital plan is a very important part of your life plan if you are HIV positive as there may be times when you will need to spend time in hospital. Get a quote on a hospital plan from Clientele life, the cost is not prohibitive and will give you peace of mind when you consider the impact on your loved ones should you need to spend time in hospital.

HIV positive people are more likely to need a hospital stay than those who have not contracted the HIV virus and should also consider disability cover, which both Clientele and AllLife offer very affordable Disability cover to. Clientele Life have been offering hospital policies to HIV positive people for some time now and as more and more research becomes available, the cost of these Insurance and hospital plans becomes increasingly affordable.

The Insurance companies that offer cover to HIV positive people are forging a new path for the Insurance market that have been designing products to meet the growing need for Hospital plans, Disability cover and Life Insurance for people who have been living with HIV.

We recommend that you get a quote from Clientele Life for your Hospital plan, it costs nothing and will guide you with your future planning.