Deaths from HIV related illnesses have declined by an incredible 20% from 2005 to 2010 which indicates that the extensive use of ARV’s is showing a significant success rate in the reduction of HIV related deaths. The stats provided by the ASSA (Actuarial Society of South Africa), while being met with great enthusiasm by communities is making little effect on the Insurance Industry and premiums that HIV infected people pay on their premiums.

The rationale is that by reducing the death rate over the short term, the effective treatment of HIV is merely prolonging life and that in years to come there may well be a spike in the death rate from HIV related illness which the association is of the opinion is inevitable.

Actuaries are essentially number crunchers and are able to work with the numbers that they have from research made available to them from various statistical data put out from time to time. From this data they construct models to determine the risk and and then calculate a premium which will still allow the Insurance company to return a profit.

It is very encouraging that the rollout of ARV treatment has had such a significant effect on mortality rates and while this does not relate to further savings on Insurance premiums, the ability to get life insurance cover as an HIV positive individual is still a necessary part of your financial plan for your future and the products available to you are at very affordable premiums as the industry is right now.

Get your Life Insurance quotes and hospital cover quotes to ensure that you are covered in the event that you need costly hospital treatment. Every person should evaluate their life and medical insurance on a regular basis to ensure that the policies they have will cover them sufficiently for their changing circumstances and the changing circumstances that effect the Insurance Industry and the calculation of their premiums.