Research suggests that young gay men are at higher risk of becoming HIV positive.  Here are some valid reasons:

Education:  Sexual education in schools can limit young gay men from understanding the risks of male to male sexual contact. For this reason young gay men are not educated about their sexual preference.  Male to Male sexual contact without protection carries with it greater risk of contracting HIV and AIDS.

young men prone to contracting hivSecrecy: It is difficult for young gay men to express sexual attraction towards the same sex within society. It is even more difficult for young gay men to understand their sexual orientation.  If two young gay men decide to have anal sex they are often not as cautious as they should be. Two common reasons are that they do not want to use a condom because their sexual partner might take offence; using a condom could imply that their sexual partner is carrying an STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) or he could be infected with HIV and AIDS. The second reason is that condoms used for anal sex are thicker than standard condoms and often young gay men do not want to disclose their sexuality; buying thicker condoms can be humiliating.

Stigmatism: Young gay men can hide their sexuality to protect themselves from being labelled and ostracised; confidence is often an issue amongst young gay men.  Should a young gay man find another gay person and they decide to have anal sex then he will not ask to use protection because he is trying to prove himself and he wants to feel accepted.

Reckless youth: Young people seem to worry less about responsibility; they are carefree and they assume that they will live forever. Young gay men can be careless when engaging in anal sex with another man. If drugs and alcohol are being abused the likelihood of young gay men using condoms is very low therefore they are at higher risk of contracting HIV and AIDS.

The fact of the matter is that every person is at risk of contracting HIV and AIDS.  Young gay men are at higher risk of contracting HIV and AIDS because they lack confidence in their own sexuality. Asking their partner to use a condom can be difficult. Family and friends can support young gay men from contracting HIV and AIDS by accepting and understanding the adversity they face; they need to take ownership of their sexuality. Medical insurance for HIV positive people can offer assistance to gay young men living with HIV and AIDS.