Over the years studies and research have been conducted to find out what can be done to stop or minimise the spread of HIV/AIDS internationally.

HIV/AIDS has affected lives throughout the world. It has claimed many lives and it continues to do so. Groups have been formed in an effort to educate less fortunate people about HIV/AIDS. Educating people despite their age, gender and social ranking is the beginning to stop the virus from spreading.

HIV also known as the Human Immunodeficiency Virus attacks the white CD4 cells. The white cells keep the immune system strong and healthy. The virus attacks the white cells, weakening the immune system which prevents it from fighting off any sicknesses. If untreated HIV can destroy the CD4 cells rapidly, leaving its host riddled with AIDS.

AIDS is also known as Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome is the last phase of the HIV life cycle. If the CD4 white cells count is below 200 you would be infected with AIDS. Even though HIV positive people often die of AIDS related diseases such as Pneumonia, Cancer, Infections and other such illnesses.

If you are pregnant and you are HIV positive; a good medical aid scheme of live cover policy will cover HIV positive people which can prevent the virus from spreading to your child. Hospital cover can help you save your child’s and your life by using the correct HIV treatments at the right time to minimise the risk of your child contracting the virus.

HIV insurance cover or life cover is obtainable worldwide. Because of research and studies on HIV/AIDS the early signs of HIV and beginning treatment from the onset is what saves lives. Using continuous treatment has beneficial results to HIV positive people. The benefits of having medical aid or life cover protect HIV positive people is that your children, should they be at risk, can become beneficiaries. Even family members who have contracted HIV can also seek help and use HIV medical cover or life cover insurance to treat the disease.

Prevention is always better than cure; but HIV positive people have access to health programs, antiretroviral drugs, support groups, information on HIV/AIDS, HIV positive medical aid schemes and life cover policies. There are a number of organisations that try and prevent HIV from spreading by providing free condoms to sexually active teenagers, handing out clean, sterilised needles to drug addicts to prevent the spreading of HIV via infected needles. By illegalising prostitution, enforcing anti-drug laws, cleansing and testing blood donor’s blood to prevent HIV spreading via blood transfusions is the way forward to stop the epidemic from spreading.

Be responsible, use condoms, take out good medical aid cover or life cover for HIV positive people, and educate yourself. Look after individuals in your community who have contracted the virus and most importantly protect younger generations from spreading HIV by setting an example.