counselling for hiv positive peopleLiving with HIV is not easy and it requires a team effort to help you cope with the disease. Family, friends and your community can support you by providing you with the care you need to survive and stay healthy.

Education, correct nutrition, treatment and a reliable Medical Aid or Life Cover policy are imperative to living a longer life with HIV.  By understanding the disease and realizing that you can live with HIV will enable you to accept the illness and it will propel you to take charge. In many communities people have realized the importance of emotional support and counseling.  By speaking about your emotions within a trusted and loving group will benefit everyone involved. It is difficult for family members as well and therefore working together will assist everyone involved.

Joining a support group with other HIV infected people will give you the confidence you need to express your feelings. By listening to other people living with HIV will motivate you to take responsibility and control of the disease. A Medical Aid or Life cover program will provide you with Antiretroviral treatment which will assist in treating the disease. By consuming raw fruits and vegetables, legumes which are high in protein and exercising regularly you will increase your energy levels and strengthen your Immune System.  HIV, which is referred to as the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, attacks the white cells which are responsible to keep the body healthy. Therefore looking after your health is exceptionally important to people living with HIV.

You are not alone and there are other people who are suffering as well. But you can become a role model to others by sharing your life experience. If you have taken all of the necessary steps to ensure that you can cope with living with HIV then you can teach other people to do the same.

Counsellors and psychologists within a community can assist you by processing the emotional trauma associated with being HIV positive. Community support involves creating awareness within the community and projects which involve taking care of people living with HIV.  Volunteers can assist with home based care which will take the pressure of family members and children. To continue with a health wellness program which is available from Medical Aids and Life cover plans will keep you strong.

You need to accept that living with HIV is challenging but by surrounding yourself with people who love you within your home and your community, using treatment, eating correctly and exercising will prolong your life.