protecting hiv positive childrenBeing diagnosed as HIV positive is a traumatic experience that leads to a rush of emotions particularly in people who are not well informed about living a long and prosperous life as an HIV positive person.

Perhaps the most significant emotions are felt by parents who are diagnosed as being HIV positive after their children are born. We all have a natural protective instinct and a desire to bring up our children to be positive, balanced people who live a happy and prosperous life and hand in hand with these desires is the desire to educate our children to give them a foot up in life.

There are all kinds of investment products available to us but as an HIV positive parent, perhaps the most important thing to have in place is a life Insurance poslicy designed specifically for people who are HIV positive. Insurance for HIV positive people is not rediculously expensive any longer, the Life insurers have collected significant amounts of data over the past 30 years or so on the life expectancy of HIV positive people which for all intents and purposes is not as bad as was initially expected in the early days of HIV where being HIV positive was viewed as a death sentence. People are living longer and longer and research into both nutrition and medical advancements is seeing HIV positive people  living long, productive lives.

As with any parent, a life insurance policy that will provide financial assistance for your dependents should you die is an essential part of your financial planning and as an HIV positive person, this is no different. A solid financial plan that insludes Life insurance is available to anyone, HIV positive or not.

There are likely to be many cases where the emotional effects of being diagnosed HIV positive have led people to lead lives where they expect to die any moment and have resulted in them living with HIV for more than 30 years, only to realise at that late stage that their financial planning is not in line with their dreams and aspirations.

Live as if you will live as long as any other person, the mental attitude is the first and most important step in living a fabulous life.

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