hiv-insurance2HIV Insurance has moved along in leaps and bounds in recent years with most of South Africa’s Insurance companies offering Life Insurance to HIV positive people. The first to take the step was AllLife who realised before any of the others did, that HIV positive people are valuable members of society who live long productive lives, have families and work in organisations all over the World.

Not all Insurers embraced the HIV positive Insurance market to begin with but soon realised that not only was it a huge untapped market of HIV positive people that needed life insurance to ensure the financial futures of their families, but that these were people like any other who live as long as anyone who is not HIV positive.

The GOOD NEWS for those who wish to secure the financial futures of their families is that there are a number of Insurance companies who are embracing HIV positive people which has added competition to the market. This in simple terms means that there are insurance companies who are prepared to compete for your policy and you should take advantage of this fact by getting competivive quotes for your Insurance needs.

Let us save you money on your HIV Insurance policy payments by pitting the HIV positive Life Insurers up against one another and bringing your premium down. This applies to anyone who has an existing Life Insurance policy or those who are looking for affordable HIV positive life insurance.

Let us consider why it has taken the Insurers so long to embrace the HIV positive community:

  1. Life Insurance companies are businesses that need statistics to build their risk models
  2. They are obliged to return shareholder value and without reliable life expectancy figures for HIV positive people were not prepared to take the risk.

These 2 factors influenced their ability to offer insurance products to those living with HIV.

In recent years there have been significant studies done to quantify the life expectancy of HIV positive people, both those who are on treatment and those who are not on treatment. There have also been major medical breakthroughs in the treatment of HIV, the most recent of which has been with a potential cure for HIV. Read the article, “a viable cure for HIV may be in reach

As medical science improves their understanding of HIV and AIDS and brings out new, more effective drugs, so the risk on the insurers is lowered. This should result in lower premiums for existing HIV Life Insurance policy holders as well new Life Insurance companies.

Find out how much an HIV Life Insurance policy will cost by completing the form and we will get quotes for you straight away. You are under no obligation to take out the insurance offered but would be nice to know if it is affordable or not… Don’t you agree. All calls and information are treated 100% confidentially.