Up until now science has been able to control the spread of HIV in patients to a large extent allowing HIV positive people to live long and productive lives. A recent breakthrough in the search for a cure for HIV and Aids may have been discovered by Australian Scientist David Harrich from the Queensland Institute of Medical Research.

In short Dr Harrich has successfully been able to modify a protein contained in the HIV virus to inhibit the spread of the disease where it’s normal function would be to help spread the disease to other cells in the body. In lab experiments, once the protein was introduced to cells usually targeted by the disease it slowed the reproduction of the virus on every single occasion. Dr Harrich does stress that extensive testing is still needed on animals before any human trials can begin but that the results of the lab experiments in dishes were nothing like he had ever seen before.

The protein has been called  Nullbasic and the research published in the Journal of Human Gene Therapy.

The introduction of Nullbasic as a potential cure or treatment for HIV would require it to be introduced at a gene therapy level which is currently very expensive but as Dr Harrich points out, “The new Nullbasic therapy, if proven, could see the spread of HIV halted indefinitely, bringing an end to the deadly condition”

As with most things, financial aspects and the impact on Medical Aids, the insurance industry and Governments as a whole need to be considered before putting a price on a drug/therapy that could stem the tide of the HIV virus is a more complex situation than most.

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