Companies in South Africa that offer HIV Life Insurance cover – updated March 2017

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companies in south africa that offer life cover to hiv positive peopleMost of South Africa’s largest Life Insurance companies offer some form of Life Insurance to people living with HIV and like any other Insurance, some companies offer more affordable Life cover than others and the only sure way to ensure that you are getting the most affordable HIV life cover is to request quotes by using the short form the right of this page.

After submitting the quote request form, our experienced consultants will take down a few details from you and approach the various companies in South Africa that offer HIV Life cover and negotiate a rate on your behalf. This service is completely free of charge and only in the event of us being able to find HIV life cover that suits your pocket, will we earn anything.

The major insurance companies offering HIV Life Cover in South Africa are very keen to have you as a customer and increase their market share.

Until recently Life Insurance companies were hesitant to offer Life Insurance to people living with HIV due to the lack of data that would enable their actuaries to determine a Life expectancy for HIV positive people. There have been many studies done over the last 30 years which has shown that people living with HIV live long and productive lives which allows them to reduce the previous loading for HIV and offer HIV cover at affordable rates to South Africa citizens that are HIV positive.

These studies showed that simple lifestyle and diet changes, coupled with ARV treatments prolongs life with few if any side effects in some cases. Life Insurance companies are competing furiously for the HIV positive market so let us find you no obligation quotes for your Life Insurance needs. You can be sure that we want to find you affordable Life Insurance quotes from all of the companies in South Africa offering Life Insurance to HIV positive people.

Update 15 March 2017

Life cover for HIV positive people in South Africa is becoming more affordable and the options of companies and types of life cover are are increasing, the further we get along and the more effective treatments become so if you have had your HIV positive life cover for a few years, get another quote, the chances are that your premium will come down and the cover will increase. Insurance like any business is competitive and the more entrants there are into offering HIV positive life cover products in South Africa, the cheaper the cover is going to become.

We will get you quotes on HIV positive life cover to get you the best premium available.


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