Mouth sores as a result of a compromised Immune system are common and will effect at least 30% of HIV positive people. There are a variety of different types of mouth sores that HIV positive people may experience, all of which can be very painful, uncomfortable and can often make eating difficult.

Poor oral health is associated with many illnesses and conditions including heart conditions and general wellness. People who are HIV positive are more susceptible to mouth sores and oral complications. The first signs of illness often result in the oral cavities health being the first to show with sores or bleeding.

Different types of HIV positive mouth sores

Thrush or candidiasis is very common and present as white/yellowish or even red patches inside the mouth. Thrush is painful when brushed against. Fortunately, these are easily treatable with antifungal mouthwashes and in the case of a severe presentation, a doctor may prescribe anti fungal treatment.

Thrush is NOT contagious and HIV positive people should seek advise from a pharmacist or doctor.

thrush hiv positive

Gum disease coupled with dry mouth is common among HIV positive people and can also be as a result of the side effect of medication. A moist, oxygen rich oral system is essential for good oral health and the best products to help with your dry mouth and gum disease are Therabreath products. If there is blood in the mouth, the periotherapy products are best suited.

Dry mouth and gum disease need to be well managed in HIV positive people to prevent any other complications.

gum disease hiv

HPV Warts (Human Papilloma virus) can present as warts in or around the mouth and are very uncomfortable and unsightly. If you present with HPV warts we strongly recommend that you also have yourself checked for any other medical issues as they are sometimes associated with throat cancers.

In some cases a topical wart remedy will bring the warts under control, failing which your doctor may need to remove them surgically.

hpv warts mouth sores hiv positive

Cold sores/ Herpes Simplex Herpes simplex is contagious when the sores are present. The reason HIV positive people suffer with herpes simplex more than others is that the compromised immune system is unable to effectively fight off infection and viruses. Herpes simplex is a virus that can be effectively managed to prevent new outbreaks.

hiv cold sores