An Australian firm has successfully completed trials on a condom that is coated with a gel that kills virtually all viruses that come into contact with the gel. These include the HIV virus, herpes and HPV virus. These condoms will be hitting the shelves in Australia any day now and are being hugely anticipated by industry and community.

Since there has been the need for birth control, medical labs around the globe have been trying and testing any number of applications to make birth control as easy, simple and with least effect on the human body. The current hormone treatments, while extremely effective may have side effects we are yet unaware of, both physically and mentally.

In recent years there have been spermicidal gels, innovative condom designs for both men and women, lubricating gels that act as spermicides and anti virals and now there is a self lubricating condom being tested that offers a spermicide, lubricant and very effective condom which self lubricates using hydrogel.

In the spread of HIV, it is said that inadequate lubrication that leads to tearing, minor lacerations and any bleeding is a major cause of the spread of HIV and can be effectively minimised using a self lubricating condom.

The HIV killing condom has now also been licensed for marketing in China with one of the Worlds very respected distribution and marketing companies, Opkamoto Industries.