This story is unfortunately not an urban legend but has been documented in medical journals which just highlights the fact that we need to be vigilant, not paranoid but simply observe good common sense when interacting with our HIV positive friends and family.

In this case the woman was sharing manicure equipment with a family member who was HIV positive, she was unaware of her family members status at the time which highlights the need to “know your status” and in a case of close family times just be aware not to let down your guard. Remember, in situations where you could come into contact with the bl0od of an HIV positive person, however slight it may be, or as an HIV positive person, exercise good hygiene when sharing manicure instruments by sterilising before handing them over. This is not to say that either person should be stigmatised, simply use common sense.

This could have been prevented had the person known her HIV status and again we urge everyone to get tested. HIV can be handled like any chronic illness these days and by this I mean it is manageable like diabetes, low/high blood pressure etc. It is everyones responsibility to be aware of their status, to be responsible around others and to live a normal life.

HIV is not a casual contact issue like sharing eating utensils, drinking glasses, kissing etc. Unless the uninfected person comes into contact with the blood of an infected person, the chances of transmitting the disease are NIL. HIV is transmitted from one person to another through bodily fluids including blood, blood, semen, rectal fluids, vaginal fluids and breast milk.