prevent hivMillions of people around the world are HIV positive; they have contracted the virus either sexually through unprotected sex, via blood transfusion or using unsanitary needles to support a drug addiction. Children can contract HIV from their mothers, as well. The question is, how could HIV positive people benefit from Life and Disability cover?

HIV is known as the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, which destroys a type of white cell, known as CD4. The white cells defend the Immune System from illnesses and disease; HIV ruins the body, leaving it vulnerable to infection and disease. People can live with HIV and later develop HIV-related diseases such as Pneumonia and Cancer.  It is vital for people living with HIV, to follow a strict diet, and to have access to medical treatment.  However, if HIV has spread throughout the body, people living with HIV, can eventually die of AIDS.

All Life products include Life and Disability cover for HIV positive people. HIV specific disability covers their final stage of HIV, known as AIDS. If you have an Advantage Life Insurance policy with All Life, you can pay an additional amount towards Life and Disability cover.  If you are unable to do work daily and you are diagnosed with AIDS related condition(s), despite on-going treatment, then you can benefit from HIV specific disability cover.  All Life will cover conditions caused by AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome), should they no longer respond to on-going treatment and, therefore, are considered permanently disabled.  When HIV positive people reach this final stage, it becomes difficult for them to perform daily work related activities.

Within the All Life HIV specific disability cover, individuals with conditions such as Lymphoma, HIV wasting syndrome, chronic or visceral Herpes simplex virus infection are considered permanently disabled.  There is a list of permanently disabling conditions, which can be obtained from All Life.

Individuals who have been assessed, and who have followed the terms and conditions of All Life, Life and Disability cover, can benefit from a lump sum, to cover their permanent disability. Conditions do apply, for further information contact All Life.

HIV positive people need to accept their condition as permanent, but treatable. In the event, however, should the disease progress to the final stage; they would require All Life, Life and Disability cover.  It is essential to plan ahead and to be responsible.