hiv positive financial planningBeing HIV positive does not hold the stigma that was once attached to it by the Insurance companies. The social acceptance is improving daily but in certain communities the acceptance levels leave much to be desired. The attitude of Insurance companies toward those living with HIV should be a very good barometer of the understanding we now have about HIV and Aids, in fact HIV positive individuals can get life insurance without being subjected to an HIV test!

If the ultra conservative, number crunching Insurance companies have accepted that people live long productive lives while being HIV positive, society that discriminates against HIV positive people really are just not educated about HIV.

The Life insurance options available to HIV positive people are very similar to those no carry the HI virus and before you simply accept an insurance premium offered by an Insurer offering Life Insurance to HIV positive individuals, know that there are many companies who value your Life insurance business and are prepared to negotiate premiums.

HIV positive people have the same aspirations and goals as any other person and the ability to leave a lasting legacy to their children is way up there with everyone else. Life Insurance is one of the cornerstones of financial planning that should never be overlooked. The fact is that as an HIV positive person you are more likely to be killed or injured in an accident than to die of a HIV related illness. Modern Anti retroviral treatments have been incredibly successful in prolonging life which is why the Insurance industry now embraces HIV positive people.

We have had people say that they will never take out Life Insurance because of the treatment and stigmatization that the Insurance companies placed them under some years ago but this anger will not assist your family. We need to understand that Insurance companies are not government institutions, they are businesses that need to report to their shareholders and offer a return on investment and in the days they did not understand HIV, were reluctant to offer Life Insurance to anyone already carrying the HIV virus.

Don’t let this get in the way of your financial planning that will affect the future of your family, get quotes for Life Insurance and live in the peace of mind that should anything happen to you, your family will be well taken care of.