South Africa has one of the highest infection rates in the World and as a growing economic hub and the gateway to Africa, HIV insurance in South Africa has become an important part of the Insurance cover offered by South African Insurance companies.

It is essential for all people living with HIV that are economically active or are employed that they take out Life insurance to look after both themselves and their families and ensure that they receive the medical treatment they need should their HIV develop into full blow Aids or they begin to experience the symptoms that are associated with HIV. The families of HIV infected people in South Africa are so often left destitute with no source of income and result in the desperate scenes we so often see on Television where children are bringing up their siblings or grandparents are bringing up their grand chicldren under desperate circumstances.

HIV insurance in South Africa has many offering for both people living with HIV and those who simply want to protect themselves against contracting HIV. For people who already have HIV, the insurance companies in South Africa offer a wide range of products that will cover them not only in the event of death but in the event of them needing hospitalization and treatment of the illnesses associated with HIV.

The Insurance companies have over 30 years of data at their disposal and close to as many years of Antiretroviral treatment data to effectively design Insurance products for South African’s living with HIV.

HIV Insurance South Africa is a no obligation, completely confidential online insurance quote request form for people living with HIV to determine whether or not HIV insurance is affordable for them. If you are HIV positive and wish to get a quote for Life insurance or hospital cover please complete the Insurance quote request and you will receive confidentail information regarding HIV insurance costs in South Africa.