Clientele Life are a forward thinking socially responsible Insurance company that offer Innovative Life and health Insurance products like the lasting dignity plan. The Clientele lasting dignity cash back plan is offered as a standard plan or a premium plan designed to provide cash for your family while you are incapacitated.

How the Cash back works in a lasting dignity plan

After 5 years or 60 payments you are entitled to cash back equivelent to the first 6 months premiums that you paid on your lasting dignity cash back plan.

After 10 years or 120 months you are paid back the average premium from the 61st to the 120th premium.

This Benefit will only pay out after every 60 (sixty) monthly Premiums received by the Company and will continue to be paid for the duration of the Policy. The Cash Back Benefit amount will increase by 50% if no claim (hospital or other) was paid during the period from the last Cash Back payment (or commencement) to date.

The Lasting Dignity Plan from Clientele Life is a hospital plan which does not exclude HIV related illnesses and if the hospital plan was taken out prior to you being diagnosed as being HIV positive, hospitalization is covered under the plan. This is no different to any other hospital plan offered by any of the Health Insurers and although it does not require you to have am HIV test, you are required to make a declaration that you are not HIV positive at the time of taking out the policy.

The premium plan from Clientele which pays out between R1000 and R5000/day costs R175/month and in our opinion a very good health insurance product that covers the needs of most people in South Africa for a very good price.

The condition of the cash payments on the Clientele Lasting Dignity plan is that you spend more than 2 days in hospital. On the third day onwards, you are paid the amount on a daily basis to do with as you please. The cash does not need to be applied to medical expenses but can be used to look after your family while you are incapacitated. You no longer need to worry while you are in Hospital, the cash will sustain your family and help to pay the bills while you are unable to earn