As millions of people around the world are infected and die as a result of AIDS, the likelihood of women being more susceptible than men to contract the virus is rather high.

Research and surveys indicate that women are twice more likely than men to contract HIV/AIDS from an HIV positive person sexually.

Young girls are also at high risk of becoming HIV positive; in some communities women are considered to be the caregivers. If there is only one surviving parent left and that parent falls ill then it becomes a young girl’s responsibility to look after the parent. This means that education takes a back seat and girls are vulnerable to their environment. As they do not have an education to teach them about HIV and AIDS; young girls are more likely to fall prey to older, manipulative men. This means that they are at a higher risk of falling pregnant at a young age and at a high risk of contracting HIV/AIDS. In many cultures men are respected and women do not have much say; this means that many women do not have the opportunity to defend themselves from the beginning.

Organisations to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS are opening doors to the rural community to access health programs and to Antiretroviral treatment. Medical Aid Schemes and Life Cover are cost effective for HIV positive people to use. Educating young girls to stay in school and to provide them with sufficient information on the cause of HIV/AIDS, its symptoms and treatment can help young girls tremendously.

It is also the responsibility of men to inquire about HIV/AIDS as they are the ones refusing to use condoms. Many African men also believe that by sleeping with a virgin will prevent HIV/AIDS. This is the reason that men also need as much education as women despite women being at a higher risk of contracting the deadly virus.

The onus lies on mothers and fathers to educate their daughters and sons so that they can protect themselves from negative influences. Mothers also need to teach their daughters about respecting their bodies and knowing when someone is taking advantage of them.

It is easier nowadays to seek help from institutions that offer Medical Insurance Schemes and Life Cover to people living with HIV/AIDS. Therefore by using vital information to teach young girls that should they be HIV positive there is still hope for them to lead a substantially normal life.