The search for a cure for HIV and Aids is charging along at a mad rate with the World’s pharmaceutical companies desperately wanting to be the first to find a viable cure/vaccine.

Amongst the many trials going on, a new study is showing very positive potential using a human antibody. The 3BNC117 antibody has shown a suppression of a viral rebound in HIV postive patients who are off their ARV’s

What the study showed was that the viral load did not increase when the antibody was injected into HIV positive patients even when they stopped taking their ARV’s.

Perhaps one of the most promising fundamentals of this study is that the antibody is used in it’s unadulterated form exactly as the human body makes it. There is no modification which makes them a 100% natural solution.

If we consider the chemical alternative being ARV’s which the HIV virus bounces back and starts increasing the viral load after just 18 days after stopping ARV treatment, this is a welcome new discovery.

Another very promising aspect to the study was that none of the patients experienced any of the acute symptoms, fever, headaches, swollen lymph nodes and fatigue.

This is yet another avenue for the Worlds Scientists to consider and hopefully turn to more natural possibilities in the fight against HIV and Aids. The conspiracy theorists have been saying that drug companies already have a cure for HIV/Aids which has not yet been released to the World but these remain theories with no basis in fact from what we are aware.

For anyone who is suffering with HIV / Aids the life expectancy and quality of life has been extended to allow HIV positive people to live full and productive lives and with this in mind, it is essential to assume that a HIV positive person will live a productive life, can have a family and hence needs to ensure that both medical and life insurance is in your future planning.

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