In the past it was almost impossible to get insurance when HIV positive but in recent years, as the Insurance industry has been able to determine the average life expectancy of an HIV positive person, Insurance products for both life Insurance and Health Insurance have become available to cater specifically for HIV positive people.

In order to get Health Insurance when HIV positive it as as simple as applying for Health Insurance and requesting the costs. A consultant will ask you a number of questions relating to your HIV status as well as age, occupation etc and will compile a quote for you. Complete the HIV Health Insurance request form.

In order to get Life Insurance when HIV positive without a medical examination required, the insurance companies are effectively asking you to be honest about your HIV status and to make a declaration over the phone which will allow them to effectively calculate a Life Insurance rate for you. Get Life Insurance when HIV positive

The HIV positive Citizens of South Africa have to a large extent been excluded from taking life insurance or Health Insurance without prohibitively expensive loading that puts the cost out of reach of the majority of people over the last few years and now that the Insurance Industry has over 30 years of statistics, they are able to calculate premiums that will offer them a reasonable chance of making money in the long term with a pool of HIV positive Insurance products.

It is important to remember that Insurance companies are businesses that need to make a profit in order to satisy their shareholders like every other business and the risk of losing money in years past was simply too great for them to enter the market with products that were not backed by solid statistical data.

Now that the statistical data is sufficient for them to work with any HIV positive person can get Life Insurance when HIV positive or Health Insurance when HIV positive that is both affordable and caters for the specific needs of an HIV positive life.

Get Life Insurance for HIV positive people.

Get Health Insurance for HIV positive people.